Dental implants

Implantation is an embodying of the artificial tooth roots. In our clinic we use Ankylos, Straumann, Neodent and other implants. Constructively an implant is a screw inserted in the tissues of the jawbone, and afterwards it ingrows with it. The embodying process takes approximately 3-6 months. By the time the implant firmly grows into the bone, and the tooth can withstand severe mechanical loads; it means that the implant fully participates in the food chawing process.

After few months, when it incurs, gingival incision is made and through this incision a gum former is installed on the implant. It prepares soft tissues for the crown installation. After some time the gum former is removed and in its place a permanent crown is set.

Dental care after the implantation does not differ from everyday care, but more thorough approach is recommended because plaque tends to form very quickly on artificial surfaces. It is recommended to use dental floss, super floss – or interdental thread and interdental brush with one bristle row for cleaning the outer surface of the implant – crown.

Our specialists

Aleksejs Dons
Dr. Aleksejs DonsCertified Maxillofacial Surgeon
Gatis Černovskis
Dr. Gatis ČernovskisCertified Maxillofacial Surgeon
Ķirurga konsultācija
50.00 Eur
Ankylos C/X (Vācija) implanta ievietošana
740.00 Eur
Straumann Roxolid SLA (Šveice) implanta ievietošana
750.00 Eur
Straumann SLA Active (Šveice) implanta ievietošana
820.00 Eur
Straumann cirkonija (Šveice) implanta ievietošana
970.00 Eur
Neodent (Straumann grupa)implanta ievietošana
640.00 Eur
Neodent cirkonija (Straumann grupa) implanta ievietošana
750.00 Eur
Straumann slēgskrūves ievietošana
30.00 Eur
Smaganas formētājs, ja ievietots implantācijas laikā
50.00 Eur
Implanta atsegšana
80.00 Eur
atsevišķā seansā
Sinus lift
840.00 Eur
cenā nav iekļauti materiāli
Membrānas ievietošana
150.00 Eur
Kaula pieaudzēšana
840.00 Eur
Slēgtais sinus lift
250.00 Eur
Smaganu plastika
200.00 Eur
Lūpas saitītes plastika
90.00 Eur
Mēles saitītes plastika
90.00 Eur
Implanta izņemšana
80.00 Eur

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