Root tip resection

Resection of the root tip of the tooth is a surgical dental procedure used in cases when the tooth endodontic treatment (root canal cleaning) failed to provide complete elimination of the infectious inflammation in the infection-affected tooth. If the inflammation is not eliminated early it may spread further also to the jaw bone and contribute to the tooth loss. The resection of the tooth root tip is the last option to preserve the tooth. The procedure allows without affecting the healthy crown part of the tooth to surgically remove the part of the tooth root causing an inflammatory process.

The procedure

Resection procedure of the tooth root tip provides that access is created surgically to the root of the tooth and bone thus removing the inflammation. Resection procedure of the tooth root tip is done in the dentist’s cabinet under local anesthesia during one visit of the dentist.

Resection procedure of the tooth root tip

  • The dentist gives the patient local anesthesia.
  • By special instruments the dentist exposes the mucous membrane and accesses the root of the infected tooth root.
  • The infection-affected tissues are removed and the root tip of the damaged tooth is removed.
  • The place from where the root portion of the tooth was removed is filled with a special tissue-restorative material.
  • Surgically affected tissues are sutured. If necessary, before in the operated place an artificial bone is infilled.


After the procedure

Resection of the tooth root tip is a surgical manipulation after which the patient may have some pain and swelling at the operation site for few days. If necessary, following the procedure medications prescribed by the dentist need to be administered. If following the dentist’s instructions the symptoms disappear within few days. If the healing process does not occur and the pain persists for a longer time, you need to re-consult the dentist.

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