Immediate Implantation

Immediate implantation is an innovative method that allows you to insert a dental implant immediately after the extraction of the tooth root. This method allows a significant reduction in total treatment time, soft and hard tissue loss, and results in less invasive.

Immediate implantation is possible in conditions where there is enough healthy jawbone that can be used as a basis for implant placement. Immediate implantation reduces the total treatment time by about 6 months, which means that it is possible to restore the lost tooth in the mouth much faster.

It is especially important to restore the missing teeth, because without receiving the usual load, the jawbone in the place where the tooth is missing will begin to disappear irreversibly. As a result, the shape of the face may change and the person may age prematurely. The adjacent teeth begin to lean towards the missing tooth, resulting in a gap between the teeth, which affects the smile, makes it difficult to clean the teeth, changes the bite and causes unnecessary discomfort. An incorrect bite makes it significantly more difficult to chew food and can cause headaches.

When you come to the surgeon, a 3D X-ray examination will be performed to individually evaluate the possibility of immediate implantation. If, after evaluating the situation, the surgeon confirms that the procedure is possible, then patient preparation, anesthesia and removal of the tooth to make room for the implant follow. After the extraction of the root of the tooth, the area in the jaw bone is cleaned of unwanted tissue and then the implant is inserted. After placing the implant in the jaw bone, it gains complete stability within 2-3 months, and then prosthetics can be performed on the implant, or the part of the crown of the tooth can be restored.

Our specialists

Aleksejs Dons
Dr. Aleksejs DonsCertified Maxillofacial Surgeon
Gatis Černovskis
Dr. Gatis ČernovskisCertified Maxillofacial Surgeon
Zobu ekstrakcijas:
40.00 Eur
viensakņu ar osteotomiju
52.00 Eur
kustīgs viensakņu
29.00 Eur
57.00 Eur
kustīgs daudzsakņu
45.00 Eur
daudzsakņu ar sakņu dalīšanu
80.00 Eur
novirzīta jeb retinēta zoba ekstrakcija
142.00 Eur
Asiņošanas apturēšana pēc ekstrakcijas
10.00 Eur
Lēvera veidošana
27.00 Eur
Šuvju uzlikšana
27.00 Eur
Šuvju noņemšana
13.00 Eur
Ankylos C/X (Vācija) implanta ievietošana
740.00 Eur
Straumann Roxolid SLA (Šveice) implanta ievietošana
695.00 Eur
Straumann SLA Active (Šveice) implanta ievietošana
820.00 Eur
Straumann cirkonija (Šveice) implanta ievietošana
970.00 Eur
Neodent (Straumann grupa)implanta ievietošana
640.00 Eur
Neodent cirkonija (Straumann grupa) implanta ievietošana
750.00 Eur
Straumann slēgskrūves ievietošana
30.00 Eur
Smaganas formētājs, ja ievietots implantācijas laikā
50.00 Eur
Implanta atsegšana
80.00 Eur
atsevišķā seansā
Sinus lift
840.00 Eur
cenā nav iekļauti materiāli
Membrānas ievietošana
150.00 Eur
Ķirurga konsultācija
50.00 Eur
Kaula pieaudzēšana
840.00 Eur
Slēgtais sinus lift
250.00 Eur
Smaganu plastika
200.00 Eur

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