Philips ZOOM teeth whitening

With “PHILIPS ZOOM!” teeth whitening system can achieve excellent results while preserving tooth structures.

“Philips ZOOM!” teeth whitening is the most gentle professional teeth whitening system of the latest generation, which can make your smile up to eight shades brighter in less than 2 hours. “Philips ZOOM!” is one of the gentlest methods of teeth whitening, which significantly reduces the risk of tooth sensitivity during and after the whitening procedure.

How does professional teeth whitening work?

“Philips ZOOM!” is the latest generation teeth whitening system, which uses an improved UV light spectrum lamp that activates the whitening gel, and during its exposure, the teeth are not exposed to heat, which could damage the tooth structure, because the UV lamp does not heat up during tooth whitening. “Philips ZOOM!” the whitening gel has a neutral pH level and contains calcium, a trace element of tooth enamel. The effect of the gel is focused on the internal structure of the tooth, which mainly determines the color of the tooth, because the enamel of the tooth is transparent and does not determine the shade of the teeth. Calcium ions help strengthen teeth, reduce tooth sensitivity, form a protective layer that not only fills surface microdefects, but also makes the surface of teeth smoother and shinier.

Before teeth whitening!

To make sure that teeth whitening with “Philips ZOOM!” method is right for you, you must first visit a certified dental hygienist. The specialist will evaluate the health condition of your oral cavity, because teeth whitening can only be performed on healthy teeth and healthy gums, teeth must be free of plaque and tartar, therefore professional oral hygiene should be performed 2 weeks before the teeth whitening procedure.

Teeth whitening at home

The specialists of our clinic, in cooperation with the dental technical laboratory, will make teeth whitening trays that are suitable for you, which you can use for several years for teeth whitening at home. The dentist will determine and order a whitening agent of the right concentration for you, as well as a tooth enamel strengthening preparation to be used between whitening sessions. Your dentist will tell you how to do this procedure correctly.

Whitening/endodontic whitening of individual discolored teeth is performed on individual dead teeth that are discolored after endodontic root canal treatment. It should be noted here that it may not always be effective and usually the result is permanent for 1-4 years. The method has little intervention in the tooth tissue and is suitable for teeth with small fillings. For teeth with a lot of tooth tissue loss, veneers or veneer crowns will be more suitable.

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