Oral surgery

Root tip resection
Resection of the root tip of the tooth is a surgical dental procedure used in cases when the tooth endodontic treatment (root canal cleaning) failed to provide complete elimination of the infectious inflammation in the infection-affected tooth.
Extraction of wisdom tooth
The eighth teeth for us are located at the far end of the tooth row and they grow out the last (at the age of 17-25) therefore they often have too little space to properly fit into a teeth row. Sometimes they grow awry, grow half way or do not grow at all.
Tooth extraction
Tooth extraction is a dental removal procedure. Tooth extraction is done in cases when the patient’s tooth is very badly damaged due to various dental pathology or dental defects, and as a result, the tooth cannot be restored…
Immediate implantation
Immediate implantation is an innovative method that allows you to insert a dental implant immediately after the extraction of the tooth root.

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