Professional oral hygiene

Is recommended twice a year

During the procedure, dental soft and hard sediments (dental plaque, supragingival and infragingival tartar) are removed, teeth are polished, cleaned with a tooth thread, and fluoride preparations are applied.  Diagnostics and treatment of the teeth, gum and bone pocket is done, as well as recommendations for required proper dental and oral care is given. When doing hygiene, we use the latest technologies and tools for prophylaxis of caries, gingivitis and periodontal tissue disease.

Removals of supragingival tooth pigment with a soda spray

After removing the tartar with a scaler and manual instruments you can additionally use soda spray method. It is recommended for patients with expressed teeth pigmentation.

Soda spray quickly and effectively removes plaque and superficial pigment from the tooth surfaces; go deeper in the fissures and slots than usual polishing pasta.

Our specialists

Karīna SkabeiķeCertified dental hygienist
Iveta DikaCertified dental hygienist
Katrina MihailovaCertified dental hygienist
Agnese VāvereCertified dental hygienist
Glafira PetkēvičaCertified dental hygienist
Zobakmens noņemšana nepilnam sakodienam
55.00 Eur
Profesionāla mutes higiēna 1h
59.00 Eur/h
aietver zem un virssmaganu zobakmens noņemšanu, pulēšanu, remineralizējošu pārklājumu
Silantu uzklāšana
15.00 Eur
Pigmenta noņemšana ar Air Flow sodas strūklu
15.00 Eur
Atkārtota mutes profesionālā higiēna 1 mēneša laikā
45.00 Eur
Smaganu kabatas medikamentoza apstrāde
15.00 Eur
Profesionāla mutes higiēna piena, maiņas sakodienā
35.00 Eur

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