Endodontic treatment in dentistry is a complex treatment of the dental root canal system. A need for this kind of treatment arises when some caries complications (pulpitis, periodontitis) develop, as well as in case of dental injuries, preparation for prosthetics, and after previous unsuccessful endodontic treatment.

A purpose of the practical endodontic is to prevent and eliminate already existing inflammatory foci in the periodontitis tissues which is one of the most common causes of tooth loss.

A key of successful endodontic treatment is careful processing, disinfection and hermetic filling of the root canal together with proper restoration of the tooth crown. Following of the necessary requirements in all stages of the endodontic treatment ensures its high quality and complete dental rehabilitation.

The infected content is removed from the root canal, and necessary shape is created for the canal. Disinfection of the root canals is done using effective antiseptic preparations. This ensures rinsing out the pollution from the hardly-reachable parts of the canal and improves the conditions for further filling.

Filling of the root canal is the final stage of the endodontic treatment. Nowadays, there are many and different filling methods and techniques using gutta-percha filling in the form of pin or on carriers. It allows performing three-dimensional channel filling and preventing re-infection.

Endodontically-treated teeth need to be controlled by X-ray after 6-12 months.

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Maija Briede- Narbute
Dr. Maija Briede- NarburteCertified dentist
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Dr. Maija KalējaCertified dentist
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Dr. Nadīna PaupereCertified dentist
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Dr. Zane VasermaneCertified dentist
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Dr. Anastasija SamoilovaCertified dentist
Palīdzība akūtā gadījumā ar daļēju sakņu kanālu apstrādi, medikamentu aplikācija incisīviem, kanīnam.
41.00 Eur
Palīdzība akūtā gadījumā ar daļēju sakņu kanālu apstrādi, medikamentu aplikācija - Premolāriem
46.00 Eur
Palīdzība akūtā gadījumā ar daļēju sakņu kanālu apstrādi, medikamentu aplikācija Molāriem
58.00 Eur
Zoba apvalka kroņa trepanācija
17.00 Eur
Sakņu kanālu sagatavošana:
Vienkanāla zobam
45.00 Eur
Divkanālu zobam
76.00 Eur
Trīskanālu zobam
99.00 Eur
Par katru papildus kanālu
28.00 Eur
Anatomiski sarežģīta kanāla sagatavošana
54.00 Eur
Atkārtota medikamentu ievietošana sakņu kanālos
63.00 Eur
kā vienīgais darbs papildus seansā. Cenā iekļauta anestēzija, pagaidu plombe, medikamenti
Pagaidu plombe pēc endodontiskas ārstēšanas
18.00 Eur
Sakņu kanālu pildīšana:
Viensakņu zobam
40.00 Eur
Divsakņu zobam
63.00 Eur
Trīssakņu zobam
80.00 Eur
Anatomiski sarežģīta kanāla pildīšana
33.00 Eur
Papildus kanāla pildīšana
28.00 Eur
Koferdama lietošana
15.00 Eur
Zoba revīzija
65.00 Eur
pārbaudīt zoba stāvokli, izņemot plombi, novērtējot, kas ir kanālos kā vienīgais paveiktais darbs

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