Removable dentures

When no tooth is left in the mouth, total removable dentures are offered. If at least one tooth is left, partial dentures are made. They will help not only to eat, talk and smile, but also will relieve other teeth preventing them to tumble.

Physicians of our clinic in collaboration with the best dental technicians can advise you:
Dental plates – when the oral cavity has healed after extraction of the last teeth (usually it takes 2-3 months), it is possible to start making total dentures. During the healing period you can wear temporary total dentures so you will not live without teeth.

Partial removable dentures – there are different types of them; they are kept in their place by your remaining teeth using metal clamps. Partial plates consist of the row of plastic teeth placed on a plastic base. The base is in the color of gum; the shape and color of the teeth row is selected according to your teeth.

Elastic removable dentures – Valplast and Deflex. Relatively new kind of removable

dentures. Thanks to their special elastic material they break less often than classic plastic dentures and are less noticeable. Their clamps or “hooks” are practically invisible because it is made of pink plastic which visually blend with the gums. Deflex and Valplat dentures are not always the best choice in prosthetics, they more intended as a temporary denture or dentures in case of relatively small defects of the teeth row. Our experts will help you to choose the optimal prosthetics plan.

Arc denture is of higher quality than usual plastic denture, because it has a metal base – metal arched frame, so the chewing load is partly transferred through existing teeth by the help of bearer. Plastic in this construction is used under the artificial teeth as a base which holds in the place teeth and substitutes the lost bone volume. Arc denture is also easier to clean and more resistant to fractures.

Arc with attachments is technically more complex combined denture system combining dental crowns and the system of removable arc denture. In such cases the removable arc prosthesis is connected with permanently cemented dental crowns (cermet) by special key – attachment system –MK1, CEKA and others. The advantage of the dentures fixed by attachments is their greater stability, invisible (hidden) clamps and more physiologic transference of the chewing load to the jaw.

In the prosthetic practice of Dr. Janis Kukulis, exactly these combined removable dentures have served the longest time without any significant improvements. Some are still being used for 15-18 years.

Description of the dental prosthetics procedure

1. The dentist takes the patient’s dental imprint, as well as determines the tone of the future dentures.

2. The obtained imprint is sent to the dental technical laboratory.

If the patient’s own teeth are not preserved, for determination of accurate bite a wax blank is first made in the dental technical laboratory. In this case, the patient again visits the dentist to determine accurate bite by using the wax blank. Thereafter, the blank is sent back to the dental laboratory where the wax model of the dentures with teeth is made.

3. The next time the patient visits the dentist to try on the wax model of the denture. It is checked in this way whether the future denture will be fully suitable for the patient. If the wax model suits the patient an actual denture is made in the dental technical laboratory. If necessary, adjustments are done.

4. When the denture is ready the patient visits the dentist to receive the created denture.

Our specialists

Jānis Kukulis
Dr. Jānis KukulisCertified dentist
Rihards Lācis
Dr. Rihards LācisCertified dentist
Maija Kalēja
Dr. Maija KalējaCertified dentist
Daniels Kūms
Dr. Daniels KūmsCertified dentist, certified dental prosthetist
Anastasija Samoilova
Dr. Anastasija SamoilovaCertified dentist
Konsultācija protezēšanā līdz 30 min
50.00 Eur
Individuāla karote
29.00 Eur
Nospiedums ar individuālu karoti
25.00 Eur
Nospiedumi parciālas plates izgatavošanai ar standarta nospiedumu karoti
28.00 Eur
Nospiedumi totālas plates izgatavošanai ar individuālo karoti
92.00 Eur
Digitāls nospiedums protezēšanai
59.00 Eur
Izņemamās protēzes (cenā nav iekļauti nospiedumi):
Vienzobu platīte
260.00 Eur
1-2 zobi
Parciāla plate
390.00 Eur
Totāla plate
450.00 Eur
Vienzobu elastīgā plate
290.00 Eur
Vienpusēja elastīgā plate
360.00 Eur
Parciāla elastīgā plate
530.00 Eur
Lokveida protēze
690.00 Eur
Lokveida protēze ar atačmentiem un frēzējumiem pēc individuāla plāna
No 690.00 Eur
Lokveida protēzes katrs frēzējums
150.00 Eur
Lokveida protēzes katrs atačments
150.00 Eur
Kompozīta kronis
190.00 Eur
Izkritušas saknes inlejas, izkritušas onlejas cementēšana
29.00 Eur
Nokrituša kroņa cementēšana
29.00 Eur
Loka attačmentu gumiju nomaiņa
59.00 Eur
Plates reparatūra
No 50.00 Eur
cenā nav iekļauti nospiedumi
Zobu šinēšana
180.00 – 300.00 Eur
3-5 zobi ar kompozītmateriālu
Kapes (cenā nav iekļauti nospiedumi):
Balināšanas kape
89.00 Eur
Nakts kape
89.00 Eur
Sporta vienkrāsaina
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Sporta daudzkrāsaina
119.00 Eur
Papildus slānis sporta kapei
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Personalizācija sporta kapei
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iniciāļi, simboli u.c.
Divslāņu kape
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